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Columbia Gear Closet is excited to  be partnering with The Community Ecology Institute at Freetown Farm. The shared values around community and nature will be a great synergistic relationship that will help us grow. Thank you to the CEI team for partnering with us! 

Check out all the great programs at CEI 

Exploring and adventuring the great outdoors can be an amazing experience, but the high cost of gear can often be a barrier to entry into this wonderful world. It is our mission at Columbia Gear Closet, to increase diversity and opportunities for all community members to get outside by lending safe, quality gear to our community. The public donates gently used gear that we clean and fix; and then members of the community can apply to borrow the gear to have their own life-changing outdoor experiences.

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Opening doors to Adventure


The idea for the Columbia Gear Closet came about as a way to share our passion for outdoor adventures with a more diverse group of people. As the COVID-19 pandemic shut down numerous indoor spaces and activities, we saw more and more people heading outside. Bikes, camping gear, and outdoor gear became hard to find and expensive. The idea that access and cost determines who is able to participate in outdoor adventures is something that we are seeking to address.  We hope for everyone who wants to have an adventure to be able to find a sense of peace, passion, and adventure in the outdoors without the constraints of money, space and prior experience. 

Hence, the idea for a community gear donation/rental program was born.  In addition to helping outfit people with gear, we also hope to be ambassadors for both playing in and protecting our lands. Being an open resource to pass on knowledge and opportunities for new experiences.


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